Feminist Friday Summer Schedule

I’d intended to have this up already, but better late than never. We’ve already three great discussions, and we have at least six more weeks of Feminist Fridays coming before we wrap them up for the summer. The schedule through the first week of August is below.

June 5 – The Kickoff Post

June 12 – A French Perspective on Sex Education and Birth Control — Natacha at Science Fiction, Transmedia and Fandom

August 14 – Summer Wrap-Up, by Gene’O.

Links to the spring discussions are archived here. You can find all the 2014 posts linked here; and you can download the 2014 Collection for free at Smashwords.

12 thoughts on “Feminist Friday Summer Schedule

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    • Ok. I am not good at reading calendars.

      this will be fixed.

      do you still want to do this Friday thing, is my only question.

      The dates can be fixed in 15 minutes. LOL. I am pulling an actual calendar off the wall now, and figuring out where I went wrong.


    • I used July to create August, is what happened. Aug. 7 has to be the date. July 31 is tomorrow, and we are at Sabina’s tomorrow. So, yeah. You are correct. And the wrap-up will be the 14th, which is cutting it a little close, honestly, given the way Fall semesters work. But no choice at this point. Has been the best run so far. I’ll have a feminism thing on on the 14th. And thanks for correcting the dates.

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