ISO: 1,000 Voices for Compassion


Updated: The publication date is Feb. 20. The hashtag to use if you want to help this along is #1000Speak. (01/13)

I’ll make this quick. I’ve signed on to a project to get 1,000 bloggers to write about compassion and publish the pieces all on the same day. You are invited.

I already have my post idea. Once the date is set, I will make a decision about whether I can deliver or not. The writing schedule is TIGHT right now. Even if I can’t join in with a post, I’m giving this as much social media support as I can manage. There will be a hashtag, I am sure. And you know how much I love some hashtags. 😀

Here’s a Facebook group if you are interested.

 Meme discovered at Eco-Style Life Beau Monde

Meme discovered at Eco-Style Life Beau Monde

The project was inspired by this post at Considerings. And let me tell you, I think highly of both this blog and the blogger who writes it.

#SundayBlogShare bloggers, #WeekendCoffeeShare bloggers, #FeministFriday bloggers, #BlogPlotting fanatics:

Do you like this idea?

You can do it good, even if you can’t commit to writing a post. Help these nice folks find their thousand bloggers by mentioning it to your friends. I’ve put a lot of energy into bringing a big bunch of you together over the past year.

Arrr, Mateys!

Arrr, Mateys!

If you like the idea, pay my energy forward, would ya’?

And yes. You may have the jolly roger today!

(I am taking a page out of the WriteOnSisters! playbook and posting this so my European friends will see it early, if I did the math right. Leaving it at the top of the page until at least Friday.)