Join Us for a Feminist Friday Discussion at Things Matter!

The Feminist Friday discussion will be at Things Matter this week, and I have been given to understand that the topic will be particularly interesting.

Next week, on March 6, the discussion returns to Part Time Monster.

And now for your non-host Feminist link: Terri Hamrick, who I just discovered by browsing the Feminism tag, checked her “other” folder on Facebook recently and the experience inspired her to write a word or two about how women are treated online and about male privilege. This is my favorite part:

Recently there have been many discussions in public forums about privilege, and especially male privilege, how it is invisible to those who have it, and how the strategies of oppression focus on depersonalizing those who operate outside of the dominant group, how insidiously experiences are minimized, invalidated, gaslighted.  Being called out on behavior is not comfortable…  but learning about one’s privilege, and using it for elevating those who do not have it and advocating, being an ally, and least of all … NOT BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM… is all part of what it will take to end domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and all forms of abuse of power and control.

See you Friday at Things Matter!

Feminist Friday at The Lobster Dance!! YAY!

This is The Lobster Dance. A blog you should get to know. Just trust me on this one. The Lobster Dance is good. This week’s topic: genderswap.

Here is how topics get announced, when they are announced at all. Often, you just have to keep up with the schedule and hope for the best. But every now and then we have a topic far enough in advance to announce it. In a Tweet.

We’re taking the 20th off because several of us are writing for #1000Speak that day. The week after, on the 27th, we will be at Things Matter.

Now for your non-host link.

This person is a passionate blogger. If you were paying attention to the thread at Victim to Charm last weekend, you are sure to find this post interesting.


The WordPress-generated annual reports for our blogs arrived last night. I am planning to make the ones for my blogs public later today.

Right this second, though, I have to give Hannah Givens and Taylor Grace some shoutouts.

photo by Gene'O, 2014

photo by Gene’O, 2014

Hannah is the top commenter for 2014 at both Sourcerer and Part Time Monster, and Taylor has been the most active commenter here and at my original personal blog. Thanks, both of you, for helping to make this such an awesome year of blogging for me.